Little Stories


Dr Tiffany Taylor is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Bath where she is also a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow.

Tiffany is a mum of two, a scientist to some, a lover of nature and a child at heart. She is an advocate of science outreach for young audiences and is driven by the unedited amazement that comes from eager young minds.

Tiffany has authored 3 books on genetics/evolution for primary aged children. Find out about the others by following this link.


James Munro is a Liverpool based animator and illustrator. James is an incessant doodler, and is excited to learn new techniques to bring his drawings to life.

James is an expert communicator and works with people and industries to bring ideas to life. These include, the NHS, Jeans for Genes charity, Share Action, Edge Hill University and University of Liverpool (to name a few). His work has also been short-listed for a BMA Information Award.

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“Fantastic little book. A great way to teach children about the basics of evolution – a refreshing alternative and something that continues to fire our six year old’s imagination. Very highly recommended.”

Little Changes

“This is one of the best books I ever bought to my daughter. Through a really interesting story, it precisely describes the real magic that ever happened and is still happening in this planet: evolution. This is a PROPER educational book!”

Little Changes

“Just buy this book for every young child that you know. Apparently they take it in even if they don’t understand it, and it pops up when it’s more relevant to what they’re learning.”

Little Changes

“It’s fantastic. Both kids love it and understand it. It is very cleverly written and I really recommend it to parents with young children.”

Little Letters

“A great book for kids, informative and fun. Cute illustrations, a wonderful add to any kid’s book collection for fun stories that will teach them at the same time!”

Great Adaptations

“This is such a fun and creatively made book. Educators, parents/ grandparents/ aunts/ uncles (etc) will have fun reading these poems with kids and exposing them to the ideas of evolution in a unique and fun way. It is a beautiful way to open up young minds and help them think critically about why things happen in nature.”

Great Adaptations

“Amazing book for children, love the poems as well as the illustrations. You enter a fantastic world of science where the animals and plants are the main characters. Bravo to the team who created this beautiful book”

Great Adaptations