Other works

Great Adaptations (Breadpig)

Written in collaboration with the Evolution Institute in the USA, released in January 2015, Great Adaptations is a storybook aimed at 8 – 12 year olds. The book contains ten illustrated short stories in rhyme that explain the evolutionary advantages of some of the natural world’s unusual traits in child-friendly terms. This project received media coverage from the National Geographic Weekly radio show  and NPR blog.

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Midnight Feasts (editor A. F. Harrold, Bloomsbury)

I have an entry in the marvellous collection of poems, edited by A. F. Harrold, Midnight Feasts. Here, you will find my refreshingly non-sciencey poem called “Mother’s Day”.

30-Second Biology: The 50 most thought-provoking theories of life, each explained in half a minute (editors Nick Battey and Mark Fellowes, Ivy Press)

In this book, edited by Nick Battey and Mark Fellowes, I have 7 entries covering DNA, RNA, Proteins; Mendelian Genetics; Population Genetics; Epigenetics; Genomics & Other ‘omics; Profile: Bill Hamilton; and, Cancer

30-Second Biology tackles the vital science of life, dissecting the 50 most thought-provoking theories of our ecosystem and ourselves. At a time when discoveries in DNA allow us to feel more connected than ever to the natural world, this is the fastest route to an understanding of the tree of life. Whether you’re dipping into the gene pool, unlocking cells, or conversing on biodiversity, this is all the knowledge you need to bring life to the dinner-party debate.

  • An internationally bestselling series presents essential concepts in a mere 30 seconds, 300 words, and one image;
  • The 50 most important ideas and innovations in biology dissected and explained clearly without the clutter;
  • The fastest way to learn about cells, reproduction, animals, plants, evolution and ecosystems.

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